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Service of the Word: 21 June 2020

Welcome to our Service of the Word for 21st June, brought to you by Helen McCormick, with a talk by Revd. Daniel, Gospel reading by Lucy McCormick, and prayers by Heather Swallow.

Service of the Word: 7 June 2020

Our Service of the Word is brought to you by Rev. Ann Anderson, with the sermon by Rev. Jeff Anderson, Old Testament reading by David Blair and The Gospel reading by Cath Halford.

Service of the Word: 10th May

Welcome to this morning’s Service of the Word, led by Revd. Daniel and our sermon bought to us by Jim Walsh.

A Service of the Word with Revd. Jeff Anderson and Revd. Ann Anderson, reader Helen McCormick and preacher Eileen Bowman

  , reader Helen McCormick, and preacher Eileen Bowman.