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Holy Communion – 17th January 2021

Messy church @ home: Messy Epiphany!

Holy Communion service 10th Jan: The Baptism of Christ

Our Christingle service with Revd. Ann and Revd. Jeff!

Service of the Word: Sunday 20th December

Welcome to this month’s Service of the Word, led by Helen McCormick and with a talk by Rev Ann Anderson.  

Our Fab-Yule-Ous Christmas Quiz!

Welcome to your Fab-Yule-Ous Christmas Quiz 2020, a parish Facebook event that took place on the evening of 17th – with lots of fun and laughs, and a few surprises, throughout. If you’d like to have a go at the quiz, you’ll need some paper, with enough space for 6 rounds of 10 questions each. …

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Holy Communion at St Clare’s: 20th December

Bible study: The Birth of Jesus Foretold

Holy Communion at St Andrew’s: 13th December 2020

Advent Journey with Jesus: Love

Welcome to week 3 of our Advent Journey With Jesus, with Revd. Sarah Cliff bringing us a reflection – and some questions – on the theme of ‘Love’… Many thanks to Revd. Sarah for blessing us with this.