St Clare's Church

 A modern church built 55 years ago and since beautifully enhanced by its stained glass windows which separately depict the seven sacraments, the saints of the parish, the northern saints, a beautiful round window depicting the Holy Spirit in the west end of the church and finally the Millennium windows of the Aycliffe Angels, the railways and mining heritage of the area and the business park of the town. A welcoming church fellowship which is open every day for quiet prayer and the Parish Office is open on Monday Mornings (9am - 12noon) There are two halls as well as a smaller lounge and a very welcoming entrance foyer. It's large kitchen is always busy cooking the produce from the kitchen garden as well as the many cakes that are baked and sold each week. Community activities include uniformed organisations, Mothers' Union, Women's Fellowship, Coffee mornings, Messy Church, Occasional Sunday Lunches. A Sunday Club is open each week for children. The Durham Food bank operates from St. Clare's  and Shine Choir.

St. Clare's Church can be found on St. Cuthbert's Way, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 5NT.