Funerals in the parish are normally organised through funeral directors. Anyone wanting a funeral in one of the churches in the parish or to be conducted by a member of the parish team somewhere else (such as straight to a crematorium) should contact a reputable funeral director and specify their wishes to them.

There are both clergy and lay ministers authorised to conduct funerals in the parish. It is our aim to treat all bereaved families and friends with care and dignity and to honour the dead in a personal and appropriate way.

There are services held at various times of the year to remember those who have died and we will make sure bereaved families who have had a funeral in the parish receive an invitation to one of these services. Thereafter they are of course free to come along as often as they wish.

There is a churchyard at St Andrew’s in Aycliffe village in which it is possible to be buried and there are ways in which loved ones can be remembered in each of the other churches in the parish.