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Splinters of Light – 25th October: Running Ahead!


Holy Communion @ St Clare’s: 25th October

Splinters of Light: Hearing God (1 Samuel 9:1-10:8)

Bible study: The Second Coming (Matt. 24-35)

A meaty Bible study, this week, as we explore a passage where Jesus talks about his Second Coming. What is God wanting to say to you through this passage? We hope this Bible study blesses you.  

Holy Communion @ St Clare’s: 18th October


Messy Church Online – October: Blessing our Communities in Jesus’ name!

Splinters of Light (14th October): Investing yourself! (Matt 25:14:30)

Do you consider yourself an investor? Click and listen to learn more…

Holy Communion at St Clare’s (11th October): Harvest!

Celebrate Harvest with us at St Clare’s…  

Splinters of Light (11th October): High Calling

What does it mean to be called by God? Find out here…

Splinters of Light: Called to be Witnesses

Our Splinters of Light series continues with a reflection brought to us by Revd. Mike Dixon, on what it means to be called as witnesses…