Women's Fellowship

Women's Fellowship meets at lunchtime on the 4th Thursday of the month in St Clare's Church Hall. There are a number of members with an average of 24 attending the meetings. There is an array of speakers from a variety of back grounds who attend the groups and give interesting and informative talks. Members conclude with a very enjoyable faith lunch.  Contact: Margaret Dobbinson - via church


Mother's Union

St. Clare's and St. Andrews' Mothers' Union is firmly rooted in all aspects of Christian life.

As fellow member's of the largest Women's group in the world, who have over 4 million members in 83 countries, we join together in fighting poverty, injustice and tackling family issues. We raise funds to help our fellow brother's and sister's all around the world.

We are called to help support Marriage and family life, and help campaign and raise awareness of various social issues.

Our branch meets on the second Thursday of every month except August.

We begin our meeting with a Said Eucharist Service in the church hall at 9 -30 am followed by tea and coffee and our meeting begins at 11am. Our speaker's at our monthly meeting are varied and interesting.

Any ladies are most welcome to come along and see what we are about before deciding to join us.

Contact Pam Lovelass (Branch Manager) 01325 316841 or e-mail pamlovelass@gmail.com .